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June 2014

Play Again Is Not Your Grandpa’s Joint Supplement, Play Again is A Recovery Supplement For The Whole Body

Power Up. Work Out. Recover. Repeat. You want to begin your training or workouts without stiffness and muscle soreness.  You need lubrication and hydration for your whole body to enable your most effective workout and to improve performance.  You need to recover quickly, replenish fluids and forestall inflammation. Inflammation hinders muscle and joint functionality. When your body recovers…
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The Top Fitness Trend for 2014: High-Intensity Interval Training

“Workout wimps, watch out: The top two fitness trends for 2014 are high-intensity interval training, such as P90X and Cross Fit, and body-weight training such as pushups, pull-ups, sit-ups and planks, according to an annual fitness trends survey.”“High-intensity training is one of top trends in working out,” Nanci HellmichUSA Today, May 28, 2014 In the…
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