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December 2014

#teamplayagain: Fitness At Any Level

Replenishing your body’s naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid (HA) keeps your joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles lubricated and flexible. #teamplayagain athletes excel at the levels they select. These athletes are able to continually re-set and expand their fitness goals taking the HA daily that is the main ingredient in Play Again. Here are some comments from four…
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Are You Feeling Your Workout Recovery?

If you feel like there are a lot of marketers out there trying to grab your sports nutrition and recovery supplement dollars, you are right. That’s because emerging trends in sports nutrition and recovery products are focused on providing consumers with new sensory experiences, promoting new ingredients, and developing seemingly healthy and convenient nutritional products….
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Fitness Gifts for Family and Friends

What better way to encourage and support your family and friends to keep those New Year’s resolutions than a helpful fitness gift this holiday season? We’ve explored the Internet, and offer some suggestions for everyone – from aspiring couch potatoes to fitness fanatics. If you’re searching for just the right gift for the cyclist in…
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Conquer Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Athletes know the feeling: muscle stiffness and soreness that sneaks up on the body 24 hours or more after a rigorous workout, an endurance run or the first day back swimming laps or skiing. Any time athletes accelerate the intensity of a workout or compete at a higher level, this delayed discomfort can interrupt their…
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“From Surviving to Winning” – By Kyle Bixler, Strongman Competitor/Gym Owner

2015 is the year I get back in the game. The year I get back to my peak and compete at the level I know I can. My competitive start was playing basketball. That’s when the injuries and surgeries started, too. I played basketball growing up, and then played college ball at Neumann University in…
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