Interview with Behzad “Bear” Bakhshandeh: Young Athletes Need Play Again Now

bear liftingMy name is Behzad – but everybody calls me Bear. I am 24 years old, and I train and compete in powerlifting and strongman. For strength sports, I have been training for four years – working out six days a week and combining strength training, conditioning and cardio. My goal is to become a pro-level strongman. I am still young in the sport – but I definitely to want to get my pro card, and America’s strongest man – if my body holds up!

I’ve been lifting weights since I was 11 years old. In high school, I competed in track and field, and played one season of football. Shot put and the 100 meter dash were my events. Even then, I had ankle popping and pain – and knee problems. I also experienced partial dislocation of my shoulder.

In December 2014, I competed in Jim Pierce’s Granite State Strongman Championship. Play Again Now was an event sponsor – and Jim is a huge advocate. He gave me some information, it sparked my interest and I began taking the product.

The first thing I noticed was the change in the tendonitis in my forearms. My tendonitis started feeling better. Then, on day 10, I realized that my shoulder didn’t hurt any more. My ankle, which is an 8-year-old injury, no longer pops when I am working or walking – or just sitting at my desk every day at school. In 21 days, this product has taken away all of my superficial soreness and stiffness.

Play Again Now has increased my ability to perform at the level I want, rather than depending on my body mechanics to get me through the pain. Play Again Now has improved my day-to-day tendon and joint tightness. Tendon and joint tightness stop strongmen from getting where they want to go.

When I am training and competing, I love the fact that I can push myself every day – and sometimes surprise myself by how far I can push myself. Before I started using Play Again Now every day, I was going to the gym and not knowing if I would be mentally strong enough to do my best.

Now, I recommend this recovery supplement to everybody. In just ten days, I was back to overhead pressing a couple of days a week. Obviously, I’m seeing great results because I am experiencing recovery. When my friends ask me about my recovery – I always say the answer is Play Again Now.

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