Powering Change: Play Again 2015

fitness-calendar-january-2015Play Again is a brand with meaning for so many people at every fitness level. Play Again powers endurance for triathletes and distance runners, powers recovery for weightlifters, strongman competitors and bodybuilders, powers pain management for people who want to continue to play with their children and grandchildren. Play Again powers dreams, goals, competition, and everyday living.

2015 marks a new beginning for all of us. Play Again is no exception. In January 2015, our randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study appears in the Journal of Medicinal Food. Our #teamplayagain athletes are competing worldwide. Every day new athletes in swimming, golf, tennis and other sports are discovering the power of Play Again. Our sales are growing at an exceptional rate, and we have our users to thank.

As our founder, Debbie Ecksten, wrote here in November 2014: “We knew that this supplement was beneficial for joint, tendon and ligament health, but we found out the extreme need to hydrate the fascia and how it is necessary for muscle health and recovery. We heard over and over this is a product that provides “Recovery You Can Feel”. Recovery is so important for all of us. That is the crux of what we all want, to wake up every day and feel so good physically that we can conquer each day.”

As you approach your goals in 2015, remember how important it is to recover as you work out, exercise and play. Keep in mind that the hyaluronic acid produced naturally by your body declines with age, rigorous exercise and the trauma of surgery or injury. Focus on protecting and replenishing that hyaluronic acid with a clinically-proven, oral liquid hyaluronic acid supplement. Combat soreness and recover more quickly with the support of Play Again.

We all have goals. We all want to change our lives. Stay tuned for the changes that Play Again will be making in 2015.

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