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Powering Change: Play Again 2015

Play Again is a brand with meaning for so many people at every fitness level. Play Again powers endurance for triathletes and distance runners, powers recovery for weightlifters, strongman competitors and bodybuilders, powers pain management for people who want to continue to play with their children and grandchildren. Play Again powers dreams, goals, competition, and…
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Play Again Debuts at the International Chiropractors Association (ICA)

Viscos, LLC introduced Play Again at the 22nd Annual ICA Symposium on Natural Fitness and Sports.  ICA honored Team Play Again sponsored athlete Monica Brant as its 2013 Athlete of the Year. We were honored to sponsor Dr. Jack Barnathan’s educational session, “Chiropractic and Conditioning for Endurance, Strength, and Sports Injury Management.” In the Symposium…
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