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Beating Cancer and Training Through Injury for the Olympic Trials: Our Interview With Athlete Adriane Wilson

I began competing in sports at an early age with softball and golf, but I found my passion for training and throwing at Ashland University in Ohio. I earned seven NCAA Div. II National titles, and six Runner Up honors in the shot put, discus, hammer and 20lb. indoor weight throw. I’m proud to still…
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If You’re Active, Arthritis Can Strike Sooner Than You Think

Most of us link arthritis to older people. But research shows that arthritis is not just related to aging. Arthritis is defined as inflammation of a joint. But post-traumatic arthritis is caused by the wearing out of a joint that sustains any kind of physical injury. The injury could be from playing sports or rigorous…
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Prevention: Protecting Your Fitness Future

Chances are, if you are in your teens or twenties, you don’t believe you need a supplement that addresses joint, tendon, ligament and connective tissue pain and stiffness.  You probably think that those issues only arise with age.  But in fact, “a growing epidemic of preventable sports injuries is dismantling the hopes and dreams of young…
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