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“My Experience with a New Knee!” – By Vince Rua

My left knee received a total knee replacement January 7, 2014, compliments of Jared Roberts and his team at Capital Region Orthopedics.  My post-op rehab has been overseen by Mark Garcia of Kingston Plaza Physical Therapy and Dr. David Ness, Sports Medicine and Chiropractor in New Paltz, NY.  Mark provided exercise guidance for 8 weeks…
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#teamplayagain: Fitness At Any Level

Replenishing your body’s naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid (HA) keeps your joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles lubricated and flexible. #teamplayagain athletes excel at the levels they select. These athletes are able to continually re-set and expand their fitness goals taking the HA daily that is the main ingredient in Play Again. Here are some comments from four…
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Physical Therapy and Alternative Pain Management Options

By Philip Beaverson, Physical Therapist and Director of Physical TherapyAmerican Health Network, Indianapolis, Indiana I am 42 years old, and have been a physical therapist for 18 years. Practicing inside a physician’s office, I see a whole range of patients of all ages and fitness levels every day. My clients use over-the-counter NSAID pain relievers,…
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