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Interview with Behzad “Bear” Bakhshandeh: Young Athletes Need Play Again Now

My name is Behzad – but everybody calls me Bear. I am 24 years old, and I train and compete in powerlifting and strongman. For strength sports, I have been training for four years – working out six days a week and combining strength training, conditioning and cardio. My goal is to become a pro-level…
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Athletes We Love: Strongman Dimitar Savatinov

Our newest #teamplayagain athlete, Dimitar Savatinov, was born in Russia. In 2006, Dimitar came to the United States to perform for Ringling Brothers Circus – and by 2009, Mitko (as his friends call him) entered his first Strongman contest – and won first place. At age 33 – and weighing 325 pounds – Mitko continues to…
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