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Are You Feeling Your Workout Recovery?

If you feel like there are a lot of marketers out there trying to grab your sports nutrition and recovery supplement dollars, you are right. That’s because emerging trends in sports nutrition and recovery products are focused on providing consumers with new sensory experiences, promoting new ingredients, and developing seemingly healthy and convenient nutritional products….
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“From Surviving to Winning” – By Kyle Bixler, Strongman Competitor/Gym Owner

2015 is the year I get back in the game. The year I get back to my peak and compete at the level I know I can. My competitive start was playing basketball. That’s when the injuries and surgeries started, too. I played basketball growing up, and then played college ball at Neumann University in…
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The Athletes We Love: Heavy Lifting and Long-Term Recovery

When strength and conditioning trainer Joseph Kopito was playing lacrosse for Stony Brook University Seawolves, he tore the lateral and medial meniscus in his left knee. He had two orthopedic surgeries – at ages 18 and 20 – and the meniscus was removed. Joseph was then diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in his left knee. His…
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